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the Beaches Of naxos

The endless coastline of Naxos is granted with countless different to each other beaches that make the island the ideal destination for your summer holidays. Sandy or pebbled, near the capital or quite remote, developed or virgin, all the beaches have their own special beauty and wait for you to discover it. In this guide we will only mention a few of them.


The beach of Naxos Town with its clear shallow waters, the fine sand, the umbrellas and sunbeds, restaurants and bars across its longest part is a real heaven for families! The serene landscape of Saint George early in the morning when it’s empty will impress you and calm you every time you see it. Try it at least once.


Fine white sand, deep blue water and a picturesque small port that literally adorns the scenery. A former “must” camping destination in the 70s-80s, Agia Anna still exhales a nostalgic flair despite its intense tourist development.


The crowned beach… as it is entitled as the third best one in Greece and one of the ten most beautiful beaches in Europe! What makes it special are its thick white sand and mostly its crystal clear waters with colors that alternate in all tones of deep blue and turquoise.


And while Agios Prokopios officially holds the titles, it’s Plaka that seems to come first in Naxos visitors’ hearts. White sand, transparent waters, sand dunes, cedar trees and as many organized spots as demanded only to cover the visitors’ needs.


The scenery in the area alternates continuously from small bays with rocks and turquoise waters to wide sandy or pebbled beaches. Unique common distinctive feature for all of them is the cedar forest that unfolds in the area and grants it with an exotic flair.


You can combine a tour to the island’s mainland with swimming at the southeast coastline. All the beaches at this side are beautiful and virgin. The leeward bay of Panormos that you will reach at the end of your trip is probably the most serene and romantic place of the island.


The “Marble Village”, as the local’s call it because its streets are all covered with marble, is the most famous on the island. It’s a unique sample of medieval architecture very well maintained due to the passion of the villagers who have also kept alive their special dialect, their customs and the tradition of the warm Greek hospitality.


Exposed to the rough Northern Aegean winds these beaches never met tourist development thus they literally kept their unspoiled authentic beauty. Most of them are located on the west side and you will easily spot them driving from Hora to Apollonas. They are ideal for those who seek privacy and serenity.

Beach Hopping

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